Carnes | Beef

“Carnes | Beef - Media Noche Cuban Cuisine”


(USDA prime skirt steak grilled crispy, sautéed onions with chimichurri sauce)


Bistec de Palomilla

(USDA prime beef top sirloin steak pound thin with grilled onions)


Bistec Empanizado

(USDA prime beef top sirloin steak pound thin breaded & pan fried with mojo sauce)


Rabo Encendido

(USDA tender ox-tail braised in red wine sauce)


Ropa Vieja

(USDA braised marinated beef cuban style in a light tomato sauce)


Carne con papas

(USDA top shirlon beef stew with potatoes & green olives cuban style)


Boliche Mechado

(USDA eye round braised in red wine sauce)


Picadillo Criollo Habanero

(Cuban style ground beef in criollo sauce with raisins, potatoes & green olives)


Vaca Frita

(Fried shredded beef with onions, bell peppers & seasoned with fine herbs)


Our Specialties


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